Covert - Affairs


"Welcome home…"

Joan looks like she wants to have words with Auggie for putting that look on Annie’s face.


You go Joan!


No! That “I miss you” was supposed to be for Annie!! No! No! No! Auggie what are you doing!! Stop it!

Covert Affairs liveblog


Walkerson forever breaking my heart.

It’s Jude!!!!!! All other Covert Affairs things are unimportant right now.


Ok, not really, but he’s just too cute

You sound like Auggie when he talks about you
Joan Campbell gets it people. She gets Walkerson (via ashenowl)


auggie really pissed me off tonight. how does he not realize that Annie literally has NOTHING besides the CIA right now?! She has absolutely nothing to loose anymore so of course she’s going to put the the mission first!! It’s not the first time she hasn’t worried about the consequences. UGH AUGGIE YOURE SUPPOSED TO BE PERCEPTIVE


Covert Affairs 5x06 Promo “Embassy Row” (HD) uploaded by tvpromosdb on YouTube


Auggie & Natasha.

The first scene is both so delicious and heartbreaking. He seems genuinely happy and at ease.

Yeah, yeah, happiness doesn’t make good drama, but come on! Does have to follow the same recipe?

"…A lot of that, is based on trust."


Catching up on the last few eps of the previous season of Covert Affairs and I don’t even know what’s going on anymore


Amy Jo Johnson support Annie and Auggie :)


Amy Jo Johnson support Annie and Auggie :)


covert affairs just came on tv and the internal pain I felt at realizing that Auggie and Annie are still broken up/over reminded me why I don’t watch this show anymore. I just can’t deal with it. They gave it to us and then took it away.